Since 1984, TEAT is the benchmark for the companies that need to convey semi-processed materials, in liquid, semi-liquid or gaseous state, holding a uniform temperature.
A qualified staff of experts and technicians, specialized in the thermo field, is available for studying the preserving and heating processes, suitable to the most different needs. Safe and innovative solutions spring from a careful and exact analysis of various application demands.
The high productive power, the large availability of rough materials, ready to be manufactured, make it possible to supply a finished product, largely personalized, in a short time, characterized by high quality standards.
The conformity to the ATEX standards (if required for the electrical part) and the UL certification, testify anyway our deep attention towards the safety and the reliability of the product. The manufacturing of the heating hoses satisfies internal and external controls. The production is entirely tested.
TEAT makes customized and tailor-made solutions for the client. From one single product up to series production, TEAT combines hi-tech with utmost care for details.
The cutting edge TEAT heating and insulation technologies allow maintaining constant temperatures with the least energy consumption.
Yet the commitment of TEAT on the “green” front is something larger than this. A highly skilled hand-made operation not only increases the product value, but also permits to intervene in case of excessive wear. Thus the electric heated hose becomes largely repairable, by recycling its components and replacing the worn ones. This is a “green” orientation protecting the investment of the client over time.